Friday, December 17, 2010

holiday fun

From Christmas the Christmas parade in Hueytown to hay rides at Paw Paws, we are doing our best to celebrate the season with great cheer.


Happy Birthday to Fletcher!

gobble gobble

its great to be an auburn tiger

Exclaiming "it's great to be an Auburn Tiger" can and certainly has meant many different things over the years. Whether it is cheered in the midst of a big game after an exceptional play, or chanted repeatedly in unison with a few thousand fans that have made the cold and lonely trip to Tuscaloosa after one of the biggest Iron Bowls ever, and absolutely when things may not have gone the Tigers way on the field and those same fans chant with a little less enthusiasm, but no less heart. It is truly great to be an Auburn Tiger whether we are winning or not. But, man is it fun when you win them all.

"Glory, Glory to Ole Auburn"

Tailgating can be messy, but it makes me so EXCITED!

magical season

while the kids have little grasp how special this championship season has been, they sure have had a fun time watching the tigers go undefeated...

reformation day

Ironman, Snow White, Ariel, and our little monkey did their part to commemorate Martin Luther.

pumpkin art

pumpkin carving is not that hard, but it is a bit messy

celebrating five

It took four parties, but turning Five is a big reason to celebrate.

Wells and his buddies had a blast at iJump.

The family party was great

Anne Lawson's tea party was splendid

Holland's gymnastics party non-stop action

playground fun

orderly pushing

sunday soccer

Our first soccer season was great, but the coaching was a suspect at best.

4th of july celebration

Stars and Stripes forever!

After months of working on our beach bods we were ready to show off our muscles.

it's been a long time...

It has been far too long since we took the time to share "what is happening with the Finches" and any apology would be futile. If there are any of you out there that are faithful enough to continue to check our blog for updates, I offer some pictures to share just what has been going on with us for the past 7 months.

We had a blast at various pools this summer. All the big kids completed their second year of swimming lessons and are capable of making it from the end of the slide or diving board to the ladder without assistance. Anne Lawson passed her swim test at the Y, which gets her a green bracelet, and the ability to swim without a parent in the pool.